When is the third edition of Tour de Dumoulin?
This will take place on October 2nd, 2022.

When will registrations open?
Registrations will open on April 1st.

Where is the start of the tour?
All three tours start in the Geusselt Park in Maastricht. There is also the finish, all activities of the youth program and the cycling village.

When will the routes be announced?
The routes are basically ready. There may still be some changes to the routes due to road works and the like. The highlights of the routes will be announced in the coming months via social media and on the website.

Can I still change my tour distance after I have registered?
Yes. This is possible until just before the event, unless the distances are fully booked. To change, send an email to contact@tourdedumoulin.nl.

How, where and when can I get my starting documents?
The starting documents can be collected on the afternoon of October 1st and on the Sunday morning of October 2. You will receive an email about how that will be done and where exactly. This information will also be on the website at least 1 month in advance.

Until what time does the event last?
The event ends at 6:00 PM.

Where can I park my bicycle if I want to go to the cycling village?
There is a guarded bicycle shed where you can leave your bicycle.

Are there shower and changing facilities?
Yes. These are within walking distance of the cycling village, start and finish location.

Where can I park my car?
There is plenty of free parking within walking distance of the event. The participants will receive the designated parking spaces by e-mail at least 1 month in advance and this information will also be on the website.

Are there also activities for partners or parents who come along?
There is plenty to do in the cycling village for parents, partners and other visitors. In addition, the start and finish location and the youth activities are free to visit. In the cycling village there are also eateries, a drink buffet, coffee bar and more.

Will Tom Dumoulin himself be present at the event?
The date of the event has been chosen in such a way that Tom can be there himself. He is mainly present at the youth and youth activities and in the cycling village.

Is your question not listed?
Please contact us at contact@tourdedumoulin.nl.