Tour de Dumoulin

Tom Dumoulin wants to fight for the development of cycling and would like to contribute to this in his own way. The Tour de Dumoulin Foundation was founded out of love for (Limburg) cycling, the development of youth and organizing an annual event.

Annual experience
The Tour de Dumoulin Foundation organizes the annual experience: Tour de Dumoulin. A cycling day for young and old. On October 2nd, 2022, the third edition will take place, including a youth program up to and including 14 years old and a tour over challenging training routes by Tom from 15 years and a cycling village.

During the annual experience, the Tour de Dumoulin Foundation wants to inspire participants to exercise and give them the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a professional cyclist in a safe environment. The cycling day is low-threshold and very accessible for young people and offers a challenge and excitement for adults.

Acquaintance, experience and inspiring the participants to exercise and/or cycle are central to Tour de Dumoulin. The annual event is the flywheel and engine behind the achievement of the goal of the Tour de Dumoulin Foundation: to contribute to the development of cycling, especially the youth.