Tour de Dumoulin

Tom Dumoulin wants to fight for the development of cycling and wants to contribute to this in his own way. The Tour de Dumoulin Foundation was founded out of love for cycling, youth development and the organization of an annual event.

Annual experience

Tour de Dumoulin Foundation organizes the annual experience: Tour de Dumoulin. A day of cycling for young and old. The second edition will take place on October 4, 2020, including events for young cyclists up to and 14 years old, a tour on the challenging training roads of Tom Dumoulin for cyclists from 15 years old an a cycling village in the centre of Maastricht.


During the annual experience, the Tour de Dumoulin Foundation wants to inspire participants to exercise and give them the chance to experience a day as a professional cyclist in a safe environment. The day is very accessible to the youth and offers challenge and excitement for the adults.


Getting acquainted, experiencing and inspiring the participants to exercise and/or to start cycling is the main goal during Tour de Dumoulin. The annual event is the engine behind achieving the objective of the Tour de Dumoulin Foundation: contributing to the development of cycling, and especially the youth.